Providing transparent fees for all treatments is a top priority for Norwood Dental Practice. After a consultation we always aim to provide a written estimate for any treatment that needs to be undertaken with one copy for you and one copy for our records. Please find below a guide to our fees for the most common treatments and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of the below.

Patients over 16y
Treatment DescriptionFee
New Patient dental examination: includes
2 X-rays, Treatment Plan
Routine dental examination (includes 2 X-rays)£30
Additional X-rays per course of treatment£10
Scale and polish appointment£55
Air polish appointment£70
Scale and air polish appointment£80
Perio treatment appointmentfrom £60
Amalgam (silver) fillingfrom £70
White fillingfrom £90
White composite inlay/onlayfrom £250
Gold inlayfrom £400
Teeth whitening£200
Sports guardfrom £70
Extraction (per tooth)from £60
Root canal treatmentfrom £200
All-Ceramic (tooth coloured) crownfrom £400
Porcelain bonded to metal crownfrom £350
Metal post & core£100
Temporary crownfrom £50
Non-precious metal crownfrom £300
Porcelain veneer (per unit)from £400
Bridge (per unit)from £350
Partial denture acrylic (upper or lower)from £320
Partial denture semi-flexible (upper or lower)from £550
Partial denture metal (upper or lower)from £650
Full denture acrylic (upper or lower)from £450
Full dentures acrylic (upper and lower)from £700
Referral letter to another provider£10
Children up to 16y
Treatment DescriptionFee
New Child’s examination£30
Routine Child’s examination£20
Fissure sealant application (per tooth)£30
Filling (baby tooth)£50
Extraction (baby tooth)from £30
Extraction (permanent tooth)from £60
Glass Ionomer fillingfrom £60
White composite fillingfrom £80
Fluoride varnish application£5
Referral letter to another provider£10

Last update: 1st March 2021